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Viccacia Global Technologies is an electronic product company with vision to design, develop and manufacture value added quality product solutions for OEMs/ consumers. We help customers make their product concept a reality, with end-to-end engineering and manufacturing services as a one-stop solution. We provide both built-to-print and design-to-print solutions.

The company is headed by seasoned management with an ESDM industry background and rich experience.

We are headquartered in Bangalore, India with state-of-the-art manufacturing units spanning over 8000 sq. ft. (expandable) at Coimbatore, India. All major manufacturing infrastructure and expertise are available to design, develop, and manufacture electronic products.

CEO, Founder

Shaping the Future
Through Innovation

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To become a globally unique electronic product design and manufacturing company delivering innovative, quality product solutions at competitive cost.

Our Vision
Our Mission

To be an innovation-driven company with a focus on improving the quality of life through product solutions, with a deep-rooted commitment to our planet.

Our Vision

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At the heart of our operations are our core values, which serve as the guiding principles that inform every decision we make. We are committed to integrity, customer focus, innovation, and teamwork. These values not only define who we are but also serve as a roadmap for achieving our overarching goals. In a constantly evolving industry, these foundational beliefs keep us focused and driven, ensuring we consistently deliver value-added solutions to our clients.




Seasoned Management with rich industry background of 120+ Years


Key Promoter was an  Indian CEO of an Electronics MNC


Quality Products


Cost effective


Robust Supply Chain


Customized Oracle based ERP from inception


Good Product Design team


Product partnerships


Product Development


How we’re different?

We don’t just manufacture products; we create solutions tailored to your specific needs. Leveraging our expertise in electronic and electrical engineering, we offer end-to-end services that turn your product concept into reality, setting us apart in a crowded marketplace.


The Infrastructure

Our manufacturing unit is located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu with a high-quality Panasonic SMT line, traceability, inspection, and additional infrastructure. With in-house PCB assembly, Product assembly, Prototyping, Testing, and Validation facilities, we are capable of making the entire product as per your requirements.

SMT Line consisting of

Wave Soldering


Functional Fixtures

Conformal Coating

Top Management


Sethumadhavan I


With an impressive tenure spanning 35 years in the industry, the founder of Viccacia Global Technologies has achieved milestones many only dream of. His leadership has been pivotal at both MNCs and prominent Indian companies. With a solid academic background, he earned a Bachelor's degree in Physics followed by a Master's in Finance and international Business. His career trajectory is a testament to his exceptional acumen; starting in Finance, he rapidly ascended to the CFO position before making his mark as the Indian CEO of a prestigious multinational company.

Throughout his illustrious career, he has accumulated vast operational experience, further amplified by his certification as a black belt under the 6-Sigma systems. Never one to rest on his laurels, he channeled his passions into founding Tecumen Business Solutions, a consulting firm dedicated to propelling MSMEs forward in business strategy, strategic finance, CFO services, and more. His venture into the electronics sector was marked by the establishment of "Aaviza Electronics" (formerly known as Kaynes Interconnect), in collaboration with a close-knit group of friends.

At his core, he is a natural leader, an adept problem solver, and a clear thinker, always radiating an infectious energy. His unwavering passion for customer satisfaction, steadfast commitment, people development, and business excellence shines brightly in every endeavor he undertakes.

Ramesh Agrahar


Boasting over three decades of enriched experience in the electronics industry, our senior executive has navigated through intricate facets of technology and processes with unparalleled command. His profound understanding of electronic product manufacturing and field support has positioned him as a cornerstone in the domain. Recognized for his excellence, he has also been entrusted as an assessor for EFQM. Further showcasing his dedication to process improvement and organizational efficiency, he holds the prestigious Six Sigma black belt, a testament to his proficiency and commitment to quality.

Chales Raj G


Experienced professional in overall Business Management by working closely with CEO and
top management.

With over 9 years of total experience and a good understanding of most business aspects

Rich experience across corporate strategy, program management, business analysis, sales
& marketing, commercial, MIS, market research, etc.

Previous experience in management consulting and financial planning activities.

Bachelor's in ECE from VIT University, Vellore, and PGDM from IIM Indore

Amritha M.P


Promising financial professional

Good knowledge of financial reporting, accounting, and usage of financial tools

Bachelors in commerce, CA-Intermediate qualified

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